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Big Ideas

Different types of celestial objects in the solar system and universe have distinct properties that can be investigated and quantified.


People use observational evidence of the properties of the solar system and the universe to develop theories to explain their formation and evolution.


Space exploration has generated valuable knowledge but at enormous cost.



The purpose of this site is to guide you through the competion of the Earth and Space Science nit for SNC1D1. This is a blended Unit, meaning much of it is done independantly, but some of it will be covered in class.


There are:

  • individual lessons;

  • group work project / presentations; and

  • Inclass Activities.

Click on the links to download lesson PPts and assignment files

Overall Expectations


Assess some of the costs, hazards, and benefits of space exploration and the contributions of Canadians to space research and technology;


Investigate the characteristics and properties of a variety of celestial objects visible from Earth in the night sky;


Demonstrate an understanding of the major scientific theories about the structure, formation, and evolution of the universe and its components and of the evidence that supports these theories.

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    Earth and Space Science:

The Study of the Universe

Individual Lessons


Group Projects

Individual Lessons
Group Projects

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